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Alpha Slytherins

challenging love

Draco/Pansy fanfiction and appurtenances
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This is a community to host my Draco/Pansy fanfiction and ephemera. There may be some other works from time to time (only Pansy, only Draco, etc) but mostly the aforementioned pairing.
I ship Pansy and Draco because every bitch needs her bastard! More seriously, I liked the challenge of shipping a not very prominent character with a very prominent character. I think that this pairing is canon, and I like imagining things from the point of view of the alpha male and female in Slytherin house; especially how they got to be the leaders.
I try to write Pansy and Draco as nasty and racist as Rowling does; but they are not 2-d characters, and I like to think about the dimension that Harry never sees.
I've claimed Draco/Pansy at 100quills! Here's the prompt table.

My main account is dustthouart. It's a public journal, read the drama at your own risk.

I'm looking for affiliates! Comment to ask!
I'd also like a beta reader, and I always love fic recommendations.
draco_pansy and frillypinkrobes are my natural habitats.